Floor Layouts

The office space in Q Sentral are mainly divided into 2 main zones: –

  1. Low Zone
    • One floor are divided into 16 units (refer to Typical Floor Plan 3);
    • Sizes ranges from 1,366sf to approximately 3,400sf;
    • Adjoining units can be combined for larger units.
  2. High Zone
    • Half floor plates of approxiamtely 15,000sf (refer to Typical Floor Plan 1);
    • Full floor plates of approximately 33,000sf (refer to Typical Floor Plan 2);
    • Internal office suites start from 280sf (without window); or
    • Office suites of 495sf up (with windows)


Q Sentral Floor Plan 1
Q Sentral Floor Plan 2


Q Sentral Floor Plan 3


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