KL Sentral in Brickfields is widely-regarded for housing a number of five-star hotels, trendy shopping malls situated within a train stop away, as well as Malaysia’s largest rail transport hub, which offers direct links and passenger check-in facilities via the Kuala Lumpur City Air Terminal.

Due to its convenient location, KL Sentral in Brickfields is not only accessible to some of the largest shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur, it is just a few minute’s walk away from Little India and Central Market which offer a wide range of local apparels, kitschy handicrafts, and beautiful artwork. From ultra-sleek and modern shopping malls to one-stop hubs of art galleries, independent boutiques.

Nu Sentral is the latest trendy shopping mall in the ever-bustling Kuala Lumpur. The eight-storey mall has large green rooftops with a multitude of entertainment spaces, alfresco dining and other unique features for an exciting shopping experience. Offering unparalleled convenience and connectivity, NU Sentral is easily accessible from KL Sentral, Malaysia’s largest rail transport hub with a direct link to Kuala Lumpur City Air Terminal where over 160,000 commuters frequent the transit daily.

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